Research 2015

In the newest report we analyse links between financial literacy (esp. related to financial markets) and attitudes towards state and free market among univeristy students in Poland and Czech republic.

Financial literacy + political preferences + educational background

Czech Republic: research sample

300 students from 4 universities in Prague (Univerzita Karlova, Vysoká škola ekonomická, České vysoké učení technické, Akademie výtvarných umění)

Poland: research sample

300 students from 4 universities in Warsaw (Szkoła Główna Handlowa, Politechnika Warszawska, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych))

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About Us

Scholars and trainers for young people in Central Europe. Cooperation: Foundation Economics in Use (Fundacja Ekonomii Użytkowej).
V4 = Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

V4 Lab is supported by Lesław Paga Scholarship (Stypendium im. L. Pagi)

  • Economics
  • Financial psychology
  • International Relations
  • Statistics

Our Team

We are based in Warsaw, Poland and Prague, Czech Republic
Małgorzata Pawlak
Project Manager
Graduate of University of Warsaw (Psychology) & Warsaw School of Economics (Finance)
Szymon Talaga
Graduate of University of Warsaw, based in Poland
Justyna Janowska
Research Assistant
Graduate of University of Warsaw, holds master’s degree in International Relations. Working currently in the Oil & Energy sector. Previous experience gained at media, NGOs and research insitutions. At present contributes as an ad hoc correspondent to the VisegradPlus project. Lives in Prague, Czech Republic.

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